While many people love going to Penang and Melaka for holidays, Ipoh is a hidden gem in Malaysia that’s full of culture, nature, and of course, all kinds of amazing food! In fact, Lonely Planet named Ipoh as one of the top three coffee towns in Asia.

That’s why, to kick off our list of things you must do in Ipoh:

1. Drink a cup of famous Ipoh white coffee

Image credit: Motormouth From Ipoh, Malaysia Most Wanted Food

The town’s best coffee is usually found in old, unassuming kopitiams (coffee shops), where locals will gather during breakfast, lunch, and tea time. Some shops, like Nam Heong, also offer Ipoh’s famous pastries like egg tart and char siu sou that you should definitely try!

Nam Heong White Coffee
Operating hours: 7am to 5.30pm

Chang Jiang White Coffee
Operating hours: 8am to 6pm

2. Head over to Old Town to check out street art and murals

Image credit: Curious Traveller

Take a walk along the Ipoh Mural Art Trail to discover street art by Ernest Zacharevic and other artists that feature iconic Malaysian heritage. Some of the murals are hidden in small alleys, so have fun exploring!

3. Step into this hip bookstore that used to be an old historical bank

Image credit: BookXcess

Once upon a time, this was home to one of Ipoh’s busiest banks. Now, it has been taken over by BookXcess, housing an expansive range of books within its vaults and safety deposits. There’s also a small museum at the basement of the bookstore that showcases some of the best works of beloved filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad.

BookXcess Kong Heng Ipoh
Operating hours: 9am to 10pm

4. Take photo-worthy shots at Kellie’s Castle

Image credit: @shuyee_jeanjejo

Next up, head slightly out of town (~30 minutes drive) to visit a real castle made of marble and bricks from India.  It was built decades ago, but sadly it was never completed. Nevertheless, the ruins make for a great backdrop, so make sure to explore every corner and take lots of photos!

5. Bring the kids for a fun time at The Lost World of Tambun

Image Credit: Sunway Lost World Of Tambun

Go on crazy rides, zoom down water slides, and spend the day exploring the whole Lost World of Tambun. This family-friendly theme park has a water park, amusement park, hot springs and spa, and even a petting zoo. Remember to bring a towel and extra clothes!

Sunway Lost World Of Tambun
Operating hours
Weekdays: 11am to 11pm
Weekends: 10am to 11pm

6. Spend a night to getaway at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

Image Credit: Kiwi Collection

If you want to truly unwind, book a night at the luxurious villas of The Banjaran. Here, you can take a dip in the geothermal hot springs dipping pools, while being surrounded by magnificent rock formations. It’s an experience unlike any other.

7. Marvel at the natural limestone caves of Gua Tempurung

Image credit: Thrillophilia

One of the biggest caves in Peninsula Malaysia, Gua Tempurung is definitely worth a visit. You’ll find formations of stalactites and stalagmites, historical carvings, and an underground river that runs for 1.6km.

8. Wrap up your trip with some good food back in Ipoh town

Image credit: Hungry Go Where, Rebecca Saw

Your trip to Ipoh would not be complete until you stuff yourself with famous delicacies like Ipoh chicken hor fun, dim sum and yong tau foo. Here are a few spots to try out:

Restaurant Moon De Moon
Operating hours: 7am to 1pm (Closed on Mon, Tue)

Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum
Operating hours: 6am to 12.30pm (Closed on Thu)

Restoran Choong Kee Pokok Besar
Operating hours: 9.30am to 5.30pm

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