Price of Private Chauffeur Tour in Malaysia

What Is The Price of Private Chauffeur Tour in Malaysia?

For group holidays, show and exhibition, business visiting, family events, corporate events among other occasions, it becomes easier when you hire private chauffeur services. In Malaysia, these services are available and their charges are determined by the kind ride you need.

Type of vehicle

First and foremost, you need to pick the type of vehicle you need and this is determined by the number of people traveling. Malaysian private chauffer models are categorized depending on the number of passengers the car can accommodate.

Therefore, popular models include; 16 seater, 10 seater, 7 seater, and 4 seater. A 4 seater vehicle is meant for a small group of people, with a maximum of 3. Additionally, this vehicle is ideal for short distance tours, mostly one or two days.

In the 7 seater category, there are two models in Malaysia and they include common 7 seater and 7 seater premium. Models in the common 7 seater category include vehicles like Proton Exora, Perodua Alza, Toyota Rush, Honda BRV and Proton Ertiga.

* Pictured Above : 7 Seater ( Proton Ertiga and Honda BRV )

Vehicle models classified under the premium 7 seater category include Toyota Alphard and Toyota Velfire. These two are the most popular vehicle models in this category. The difference between 7 seater premium and the common 7 seater is that 7 seater premium vehicles are more comfortable and they have the ability to travel longer distances as opposed to their counterparts. Therefore, if you need a vehicle that can travel for more than two days and one that can carry 4 to 5 passengers, the 7 seater premium is the ideal chauffer category to go for.

* Pictured Above : 7 Seater Premium ( Toyota Velfire and Alphard )

Finally, the 16 seater and 10 seater vans are meant for large groups of people who are traveling together. The 10 seater category of vans can comfortably accommodate more than 6 people. However, when your group exceeds 10 people, the perfect vehicle for you is the 16 seater. You can find these two models in Joylong, CAM, Toyota Hiace, and Co-Star among others.

*Pictured Above : 10 seater and 16 seater van ( Joylong and Hiace Van )

Once you pick the right model to travel in, you should then consider the itinerary planning.

Malaysian private chauffer tours are categorized into either 1-day tour or multi-day tour. When traveling within Peninsula Malaysia from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur to areas like greater Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh or Malacca, such tours can fit in the 1-day tour category. However, when traveling across states, such tours may take more than a day and a multi-day private tour is the best fit.

Once you have chosen your itinerary, you can then focus on price. In Malaysia, price for chauffer services are typically charged for 8-hours a day only. If your tour exceeds 8 hours, it is wise to inquire about the overcharges to avoid nasty surprises.

At Joyzride, our private chauffeur services are for 10-hours a day and they include petrol, driver’s wage, toll fares and parking fees. If there is a need for additional hours beyond the 10-hours provided, there will be an additional charge of US$10 to US$20 per hour (depending on ride type).

4 seater US$ 139 per day
7 seater US$ 155 per day
7 seater [Premium] US$ 265 per day
10 seater US$ 199 per day
16 seater US$ 229 per day


* For cross-border (inter-state) tours, there will be an extra charge of US$ 27 per night. This money caters for the driver’s allowances and accommodation.

* The rate is not applicable during festive season

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