Sky Mirror

Sasaran Beach is dubbed as Malaysia’s version of Salar de Uyuni, a popular salt flat in Bolivia. But the difference is, you won’t see salt lumps here. Sky Mirror is not really a beach either although it is called Sasaran Beach. It is just a large area with lots of sand and sea water. Sky Mirror is a phenomenon that occurs at low tide on certain timing of a day and on certain days according to the Chinese lunar calendar, whereas when the tide rises, you won’t be able to see the sand.

Here Are Some Tips and Gentle Reminders for The Sky Mirror Trip:

1. Breakfast is not provided, so have yours before to your arrival.

2. Arrive as early as you could, as you will need to find your group and get yourself ready.

3. Prepare a waterproof bag to keep all your valuables & gadgets as waves can be too strong.

4. Prepare another set of clothes for change as you’ll probably get wet!

5. Wear bright, vibrant and colorful clothes for better contrast in photo.

6. Apply sunblock and bring along hat/cap and also sunglasses.

7. Pray hard the weather and everything goes right!

*Tour Fee is inclusive of transfer / transportation from designated pick-up locations (within Klang Valley) to Sasaran (Sky Mirror), Sekinchan, but doesn’t include the boating fee to the sea.